Friday, June 13, 2008

Aagoo Revue: West Coast tour '08

Had a wonderful trip with some incredible people. Primarily the crew seen below.

Officially the mighty foursome of the Parenthetical Girls and Kaz of PWRFL Power.

Here are some random shots :

Whit Jeep Rules!

Eddy: Lead Singur of AU

UC Irvine: with a little help from my friends

AU and the Parenthetical Girls on Dublab

Action shots from the Smell

Last night and most certainly the most debaucherous: Cushionworks in SF (thanks to Nick)
P.S. from Dana:
Here's some more pictures from that trip, though most are of Parenthetical Girls because I'm not in that band, and a few of Kaz.

I was told to do so......

So in an attempt to make our face more present in the ever bursting world of the blog, AU has broken its seal on public effacement and journaling.
We will try our best to make all content as random and potentially self degrading as possible for anyone's passing enjoyment.