Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Diamond in the back...

There's the old cliche of the mother admonishing her child for not finishing dinner, saying "There are people starving in Africa!"

But the truth is, we live in a land of plenty. We can see what is happening all over the world in real time. While piles of people are dying from drought, we have the luxury of running our water for a minute until it gets hot. We have the luxury of having a waiter take the remains of our expensive food and throw it away for us.

Just take the time to appreciate that. Be very careful of wasting food and water. Saving a scrap of food may not really help anyone immediately, but the awareness may in the long run. And don't mope because things are so bad in other parts of the world. If you are reading this, you are extremely lucky and probably are living a charmed life. The worst thing that you can do for those who are suffering is to not first feel joy that you may live so well!

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