Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Yes, AU has a blog. You probably didn't know that. Why? Because there are only two posts on it. From 2008.


The most recent post was from our first tour together (as the duo). So much has happened since then! We toured a bunch. We went to Europe three times! An EP, Versions was released in 2009. We met many wonderful people and it seemed that we did twice as much living as should fit into one and a half years.

Things have been quiet for a while. We've been holed up in Portland for far too long, but the rumblings begin again. We should be seeing many of your lovely faces out on the road in autumn of 2011, doing what we love, with a new album shortly thereafter.

So we're bringing this blog back to life, trying to reconnect with the world outside of our little garage workspace. So subscribe, check in, say hello!

For now, here is what a Calgary weekly had to say about one of our performances at their fine Sled Island Festival last week (w/ video!). They also liked us enough to include us in the best of Sled Island for this year! Much thanks to the folks at Sled Island for having us, and special thanks to Gill and Emilia for giving us a home while we were there.



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